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The Wonderbugger

The Wonder Bugger is one of those lucky accidents where the whole seems to be greater than the sum of the parts. It has caught fish in every major river in Montana as well as in such widely diverse places as Argentina and New Zealand. In the water it looks a lot like a small rainbow. 

In addition to the rainbow Wonder Bugger, we also make other colors of the fly. Yellow and Pearl are great colors when the water is not clear, and some of our customers have had good luck with an all purple  bugger when fishing for steelhead. We have all the materials to tie the Wonder Bugger, including the brush making tool and the wire to make the brushes.  Contact us if you would like to tie them and need the materials.

Dai Riki 730 size 4-10
Olive Marabou
Rainbow Lite-Brite (twisted on stainless steel wire)
Black or Gold Cone Head
Brown/Green/Red 6/0 thread 
Red Lace (optional)

  1. Put the conehead on your hook and insert the hook in the vise.  Wrap the hook shank with your thread to the back of the hook. 
2. Tie on marabou tail. Tie dubbing brush in at the back of the hook and wind it toward the head. Keep stroking the fibers from the dubbing brush away from the hook shank. The bushier the the fly looks, the better it fishes.                
3. When you get the brush material to the cone, tie it off, cut the wire, and whip finish behind the cone. The fly is now done. In our newer Wonder Buggers, just before tying it off, you can add gills by tying a stringy red lace just behind the cone. This is optional, however, and some people prefer not to have it.