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Orange Serendipity

The Orange Serendipity works in Rock Creek during the October Caddis hatch. This caddis crawls out of the water to hatch and dives to the bottom to lay its eggs. Normally, Serendipities are very small patterns, but Doug thought it would be good in a larger size to better imitate this caddis.  It's uncertain whether the fish take the fly for a hatcher or an egg layer, but they take it with reckless abandon.

Dai Riki 135 Size 8
Orange Plastic Body Wrap 
Orange 6/0 thread
Deer Hair

1. Insert the hook in the vise. Coat the hook with thread and tie body material on at the back of the hook. Cut the body material at an angle to keep it from bulking up at the rear of the fly.
2. Wrap the body material around the hook shank giving the body a segmented appearance. Tie the body off about 1/8" behind the eye. Trim the body material off.                             
3. Tie on a small bunch of fairly fine deerhair. Don't cut the deerhair, instead pull both the hair butts and tips back and build a head with tying thread.
4. Whip finish just behind the eye and cut off the thread.  Trim down the deer hair to give it the distinct "flat top" look.  Apply head cement, and the fly is finished.