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     Let's talk a bit about fishing licenses. In my business, licenses are like hemorrhoids. They're a pain in the back side but they let you know you're alive. Like almost all license agents I know, we hate them with a deep and constant passion. But they are the best way I know to get people into the shop in the hope they'll actually buy something to fish with. There are several reasons we all hate them. First, in Montana the agent commission for all licenses is fifty cents. Second, they take time to write and that's time that could be spent actually selling fishing tackle. But they are a must to offer if you're in the fly shop business. So, for this rant I'm going to give you a few simple tips to make getting your fishing license as painless as possible for both you and the license whether it's me or somebody else.

     First, don't let the first words out of your mouth be "I need a license". You'll have whoever is writing licenses immediately down on you and any fishing information you get may not be of the highest quality. Second, don't act like you're doing the license agent a favor buying the license. Even though you may be dropping as much as seventy bucks for a non resident license, we're still making only fifty cents. Most important, buy something else, especially if you're going to ask for fishing information. We've had days in the shop where we've had ten or twelve people in a row buying licenses and walking out the door without buying anything else. It's the buyer's right. but, if everybody did it, the shop wouldn't be around the next year when they need another license. 

     Finally, if you've gone into a shop, bought a license and nothing else and asked for directions to the best place to fish, don't believe what you are told. I usually tell people that they can go anywhere on the creek and they'll catch fish. That's actually true. You can catch fish, and good fish, anywhere on Rock Creek. But, at any given time some stretches will be better than others. And, like a good businessman, I have to save those favored places for those people who have actually bought something to fish with. The bottom line is that we all need licenses to fish, but if you'll just buy a couple of flies or a leader, you'll make the fly shop guy happy and you'll get a lot better information.

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