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April 29


Streamflow - 1180 CFS Temperature - 4 F

      This week we are supposed to receive quite a bit of rain so have streamers and nymphs ready, both of which should be great should you choose to brave the elements!  Keep in mind that the rising streamflow is making wading much more difficult now, but at the same time, the fish are being pushed towards the banks so you don't necessarily have to wade out to reach them anyways.  During runoff season, my recommendation is to stand at a distance from the banks whenever possible and put those flies not far from the shoreline.  This is similar to how the floaters fish their flies but requires more stealth.

     If we get any dry spells during the rainy days, the Mother's Day caddis would be a great dry fly option.  People have been seeing clouds of them flying over the water over the past few days.  In conditions like this, the fish can be hesitant to rise all the way to the surface for them.  If you find this happening, put on either a caddis emerger or a Hare's Ear pattern.  The Hare's Ear has been especially good lately, but I think the emerger will get you into fewer white fish.  More soon.

For more details or any questions or comments, please call or e-mail us: (406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net

April 27


Streamflow - 892 CFS Temperature - 4 F

      It's been another week of strangely fluctuating weather.  We had cold weather and even snow on Sunday, followed by just shy of 80° on Tuesday.  That unfortunately makes fishing tougher, especially when the temperature varies so wildly.  Fortunately, we are supposed to have some consistent weather in the high 60s and low 70s for the rest of the week, and that will bring some better fishing for the near future. 

     I've heard reports of a few early emerging golden stones, and though it's highly unlikely either them or the salmon flies are here just yet, my guess is the fish will key on several different stonefly patterns, from salmons to goldens to skwalas.  You can also use dark terrestrial patterns like ants or beetles or stimulators with a lot of peacock on them.  When the fish aren't looking at the large dries, try some smaller patterns like March Browns, Mother's Day caddis, or Purple Hazes, as well as the crippled emerger equivalents of these flies.  As for nymphs, I'd start trying larger stonefly patterns as well as various girdle bugs like the Bitch Creek or the Marvin, and then put either a pink worm behind it or a larger Copper John.

     To cap off this report, I thought I'd share a pic that our friend and longtime Merc frequenter Bill sent us of a pretty rainbow he caught over the weekend.  More soon!



For more details or any questions or comments, please call or e-mail us: (406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net